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Webinars for patients with IPF

A new webinar series aimed at providing easy-to-understand information about idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).

Each webinar features a patient representative and an expert respiratory physician who will discuss topics relevant to those living with IPF as well as providing helpful information for their families, caregivers and the general public, too.

Please remember that the content of these webinars does not replace medical consultation with your physician.

“The webinar for patients with IPF is a unique opportunity to provide patients and caregivers with accurate, unbiased, and easily understandable information to more fully understand IPF and to help deal with the challenges of living with the disease.” Dr. Francesco Bonella, respiratory physician from Germany

“In a rare disease like IPF, there is a great need for information, not only for patients and their families, but also for care providers and the general public. By creating webinars together with patients and doctors, we strive to improve knowledge and awareness on IPF for all stakeholders.“ Dr. Marlies Wijsenbeek, pulmonologist from The Netherlands

“Living with a rare disease presents many challenges because people do not understand the consequences of IPF. If we had a more common terminal illness, we would get more understanding and support from everyone that knows us, like friends or family.” Ron Flewett, a person living with IPF

To watch the full webinars, please visit Life with IPF.