What are the radiological challenges in diagnosing IPF?

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Claus-Peter Heussel explains the radiological challenges in diagnosing IPF

Yeah, the first challenge is, interstitial lung diseases are rare lung diseases, they are rare diseases at all and especially in some countries, there are no dedicated chest radiologists, as the question is from Germany, we don’t have dedicated chest radiologists, so we have to serve for the, for all specialties, for neurology, for surgeons, for gynecology and so on and we might not even know the abbreviation IPF.

And we might be able to find there is a lung fibrosis but all the rare subtypes that is very difficult to differentiate. Second, we are maybe even if we know IPF, we might not be aware of the poor prognosis of that disease which is in the range of bronchial cancer, so it sounds like a benign disease but it is obviously a malignant thing and so this is very difficult for us and therefore we need your input that this might be a thing that you really want to know and to my really opinion it the treatment and diagnosis of those diseases belongs into centers because then it´s easier for the whole team to concentrate of those on those diseases.