Pulmonary rehabilitation for patients with IPF

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Video transcript

Vincent Cottin and Luca Richeldi discuss the importance of pulmonary rehabilitation for patients with IPF

LR: I would like to discuss a little bit with you the importance, the relevance and the critical aspects related to non-pharmacological therapies.

VC: You mean pulmonary rehab, for example. So what did you get as important about rehab?

LR: Yes, I’m talking about… I think it’s, that’s, I don’t know what about your clinical practice, I don’t know how many patients you send for pulmonary rehab and how much you are convinced of sending these patients for pulmonary rehab and which is the effect of this.

So, I think we start having reasonable data suggesting that at least the short term effect of pulmonary rehab is positive. I think we are still lacking long term data and the other, probably, problem that I see with pulmonary rehab is that this is not widely available to patients with IPF yet. In some countries I think it’s more established for patients, let’s say, with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, but not really for patients with IPF. I don’t know if it’s in your opinion that’s something which needs to be studied more or are we ready to prescribe, let’s say, any patient with IPF for at least a course for pulmonary rehab. I don’t know which is your opinion or experience?

VC: Our experience is that the minority of the patients do, or get send to rehab centers or to rehab specialists and probably we should improve that. So first, organise better and think about rehab earlier and to probably many more patients but I completely agree with you that really we need longer term studies about pulmonary rehab but remember that the disease gets worse at some point so it’s not so easy to get long term benefit and long term studies in patients with IPF. That might be a difference as compared to COPD.

LR: That’s very true. That’s very true.