Palliative care for patients with IPF

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Video transcript

Vincent Cottin and Luca Richeldi discuss the importance of palliative care for patients with IPF

VC: And do you think there is some progress about the palliative care, because…

LR: Yes, that’s a very important topic, I think, because we need to … palliation for these patients, unfortunately, is, is at the end of the road for each patient. And so I’m not sure that we pulmonologists, we are fully equipped to get the best palliation for these patients. That’s also an area, I think, in which we would need more clinical research, better standardised management, and I hope that the future guidelines will also focus on that. Unfortunately, we, that we have been working for a long time in this area, we know that these patients they will die in very catastrophic situations, for themselves, for the families, for the caregivers, for all of them. So, I think we would need to be better prepared, to have studies potentially to have indications from guidelines and from societies, because, again, we need to think of palliation at end of life as a critical component of the journey of these patients.

VC: I agree with you that the palliation should be part of the guidelines. But I also hope that to do clinical research on palliation will help organise the care. That if once you do clinical research you see that the care is actually improving in its organisation and…

LR: Its’ true. That’s a very important point. I agree.

VC: …you get better links between specialists of palliation and the pulmonologists. So, there is a hope.

LR: There is.