Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) symptoms

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Vincent Cottin discusses signs and symptoms of IPF

The first symptoms are cough, which is very frequent and sometimes disabilitating and progressive, and the shortness of breath which is the major sign, the major symptom in patients with IPF. At some points all patients with IPF have shortness of breath. Well, this is usually progressive, so initially they may feel that they have some shortness of breath for hiking in the mountain or some strong exercise and progressively it becomes more important, so it will come for milder exercises.

And on the physical examination the most important feature is the presence of the Velcro crackles on the lung bases and also in about half of the patients the finger clubbing on examination. And the other signs are negative signs. So you have to look for the signs of connective tissue disease to make sure that they are not present, and if they are present you look extensively for connective tissue disease, both physically and biologically.