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The European Respiratory Society (ERS) is one of the leading medical organisations in the respiratory field centering on research, education and advocacy. The International ERS Congress is one of the most significant gatherings in respiratory healthcare with international leaders in the field presenting the latest scientific developments.

International congresses enable clinicians to keep up with advances in research and can be a great source of information for healthcare professionals. That said, the magnitude of data presented and discussed can be overwhelming and not everyone has the opportunity to visit those congresses.

The 25th ERS International Congress was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from September 26th through 30th 2015, where in various sessions this year’s new exciting data, advances and updates in the field of interstitial lung diseases were presented.

ERS Highlights TV- Interstitial Lung Diseases

The Congress Highlights series on the product website provides a summary of new ILD data presented at international congresses, with a special focus on idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). The series is developed in close cooperation with international experts and presents an educational and unbiased online learning opportunity for all healthcare professionals.

For the ERS 2015, you can now watch the experts Prof Jürgen Behr and Prof Carlo Vancheri discuss their personal highlights and conclusions from the congress on ERS 2015 Highlights TV. Their discussion covers all ILD related topics presented at the congress that are most relevant for clinical practice. This includes this year’s hot topics like the IPF treatment guideline update, new clinical data for approved treatments options, recent advances in diagnosis and biomarkers and the significance of ILD registries for the IPF community.

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  • Video transcript

    Welcome everybody. My name is Jürgen Behr. I am chair of Pneumology at the University of Munich and head of department of the Pulmonary Diseases. And I’m specialized in interstitial lung diseases and was involved in several clinical trials in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and also a member of the steering committee of several trials.

    Good Morning to everybody. My name is Carlo Vancheri. I´m a full professor of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Catania, Sicily, Italy. And I’m also the director of the regional referral center for interstitial and rare lung diseases.

    I think what we have seen here in Amsterdam is that the new treatments are safe beyond one year - think this is a very important message for clinical practice. We also have seen that the new IPF drugs are effective in various phenotypes, in patients with preserved vital capacity for example, in patients with emphysema, in patients with early disease or with progressing disease. So, I think it’s really different phenotypes where we could show that the new treatments are effective still. And of course the new treatment guidelines, and I was part of the committee and I feel honored to be that, and I think the new treatment guideline really allows and it supports the use of the these drugs in these patients but it is not a obligatory thing, so you really have to discuss with your patients and participation with the patient in this treatment decisions is crucial.

    I agree with you absolutely.

    Thank you, Jürgen.

You can watch the complete ERS 2015 Highlights TV  on the product website.